DVX P215

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DVX P215 is a powerful 3-way passive speaker whose plywood cabinet has been designed to render speech contents, background and any other kind of music in medium to large sized rooms, giving more prominence to the lowest part of frequency range, thanks to the pair of 15” woofers, the increased volume compared with the single 15” woofer model DVX P15 and the acoustic design of the enclosure. 

It is also the right choice in case of use as FOH system, acting both as a full-range or as bi-amped speaker. In the latter case, in order to avoid damage to components, make sure that the power amplifier (like dBTechnologies HPA3100) delivers a power consistent with the technical specifications reported on the next page. Furthermore, the cut-off frequency woofer/driver must be set by a loudspeaker management system (like dBTechnologies AC26N) according to the product specifications, so that you can get the best sound without risk of damage to the driver. However consider that the thermal protection (PTC) always remains active in both full-range or bi-amp configuration. 

The DVX P215 features two high-quality 15” woofer (3” voice coil) and a 1.4” neodymium compression driver (2.5” voice coil) with titanium dome on a 90°x40° rotatable CD horn. The premium crossover contains precision filters with 12dB/oct. slope for low-pass part and 18dB/oct. for high-pass. In addition there is a self-resetting thermal protection circuit on the high-frequencies driver to prevent protracted overloading. All these characteristics assure maximum speech intelligibility and delivers wormy, assertive bass response without requiring an added subwoofer. 


The great versatility is confirmed by the 4 handles that enable easy transport, the 11 x M10 threads rigging points and the adjustable foot in the bottom. The rotatable CD-horn allows the user to maintain the same high-frequencies coverage angle also when the speaker is used horizontally. 

Technical Data
Speaker Type
3-Way Passive Speaker
Acoustical data
RMS Power
1000 W/RMS
4 Ohms
136 dB
Frequency Response [+/- 6dB]
70 - 20.000 Hz
Voice Coil HF
CD Horn Aluminium
Crossover Frequency (passive)
1300 Hz
2x 15"
Voice Coil LF
Multiplex plywood
Rigging Points
11 x M10
446.6 mm (17.58 in)
1202 mm (47.32 in)
500 mm (17.7 in)
47 kg (103.6 lbs)