Product Code: CMS 2200-3
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Intuitive mixer section: 22 input channels with 18 Mic/Line, 4 Mic/Stereo-Line

2 High-Quality FX processors, editable with 100 factory and 20 user presets

Professional 4x4 24-bit/96kHz USB interface, recording software and MIDI interface for FX control

Stereo EQ for the main mix

First-class components ( e.g. ALPS faders and potentiometers)

Large, contrast rich OLED display

Lightweight (14.5kg), compact package

Professional and versatile mixer for demanding applications in live sound as well as fixed installation.

Performance without compromise

The pro audio mixer amongst mixers. Unique. CMS 2200-3

Crosstalk < Fader and FX/AUX/MON-Send attenuation: > 85dB; Channel to Channel: < -80dB
Frequency Response (-3 dB) 15Hz to 70kHz
Power Requirement 100V to 240 VAC, 50Hz to 60Hz
Power Consumption Without Lamp: 55W; With Lamp: 60W
Height 6.1" (155mm)
Width 32.22" (818.5mm)
Depth 19.63" (498.5mm)
Weight Net 31.97lbs (14.5kg)
Auxiliarys (MON, FX, AUX) 2 Pre, 2 Post, 2 Pre/Post switchable
Channels 18
CMRR, MIC input, 1 kHz >80dB
Digital Audio Interface Channels: 4 In / 4 Out; AD/DA Conversion: 24-bit; Sampling Rate: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96kHz; PC Interface: USB2.0, Female Type B; Peak Display: 6 dB before Clip
Displays 128 x 64 pixels, OLED
Effects Type: Dual stereo 24/48-bit multi effects processors; Effects presets: 100 Factory + 20 User, Tap-Delay; Remote control: Footswitch, MIDI
Equalization LO Shelving: ±15dB / 60Hz; MID Peaking, mono inputs: ±15dB / 100Hz to 8kHz; MID Peaking, stereo inputs: ±12 dB / 2.4 kHz; HI Shelving: ±15 dB / 12 kHz; Master EQ 11-band (63, 125, 250, 400, 630, 1k, 1.6k, 2.5k, 4k, 6.3k, 12kHz): ±10dB/Q = 1.5 to
Equivalent Input Noise, MIC input, A-weighted, 150 ohms -130dBu
Filter LO-CUT, mono inputs: f=80Hz, 18dB/oct.; VOICE FILTER, mono inputs: switchable; FEEDBACK FILTER, MON ½: 70Hz to 7kHz, Notch, -9dB
Input Impedances MIC: 2㏀; Insert Return: > 3.3㏀; 2Track Return & CD In: 10㏀; All other inputs: > 15㏀
Input Sensitivity MIC: -74dBu (155μV); LINE (Mono): -54dBu (1.55mV); LINE (Stereo): -34dBu (15.5mV); CD (Stereo): -34dBu (15.5mV)
LINE/CD/USB GAIN (Stereo) -10…+20dB
Maximum SPL MIC Inputs: +21dBu; Mono Line Inputs: +41dBu; Stereo Line Inputs: +30dBu; All other inputs: +22dBu; All other outputs: +22dBu
MIC GAIN (Mono) 0…+60dB
MIC GAIN (Stereo) +10 to +60dB
MIDI Interface 5-pin DIN connector, In / Out
Noise, Channel inputs to Master A L/R outputs, A-weighted Master fader down: -97dBu; Master fader 0 dB, Channel fader down: -87dBu; Master fader 0dB, Channel fader 0dB, Channel gain unity: -81dBu
Operating Temperature Range +5 °C…+40 °C (40 °F…105 °F)
Output Impedances Phones: 47Ω; All other outputs: 75Ω
Phantom Power 48VDC
Protection Mixer Outputs (Relay controlled): MON 1, MON 2, MASTER A; Switching Mode Power Supply (μC controlled): Mains Over/Undervoltage, High Temperature
Safety Class I
Shipping Weight 38.58lbs (17.5kg)
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.005%